Do you need insurance for delivering goods?

Then why not invite multiple specialist brokers to get quotes for you?

Delivery drivers, whatever type of goods they carry, need specialist insurance. Many pay far too much for it though. By inviting a panel of insurance providers to submit quotes you might not only get multiple quotes to compare, but also make sure that you get exactly the right insurance.

Buying the right policy is vital. In order to calculate a fair premium insurers will usually need to know what kind of work you will be doing, and you will probably be insured for carrying the specified types of goods only. This is why buying through an experienced broker may result in lower premiums, whilst still providing the cover you need.

What kind of insurance is designed for delivery drivers?

It is often called Hire and Reward insurance, but there are many different types, depending upon the kind of deliveries you make, as well as the products you deliver. For example there there are usually different policies for:

Heavy Haulage
Furniture removal
Parcel delivery
Hot food delivery.

Is hire and reward insurance the same as courier insurance?

Courier insurance is a type of hire and reward insurance; it is the name for the type of policy required by people who can make multiple deliveries to different addresses on a single journey.

Examples of these are drivers who deliver parcels, groceries or pre-cooked meals. All of these usually need different policies, because the risk profiles are different; for instance someone carrying goods from Amazon would not necessarily be insured for delivering a hot pizza or a Chinese takeaway.

How are premiums calculated?

As with other vehicle insurance, a lot will depend on factors such as the type of vehicle being used; and the age, experience and motoring record of the driver. In addition the insurers will probably want to know what kind of goods will be carried; and whether they will be delivered to a single regular drop-off point, a single different one each time, or multiple drops during a single journey. Yet again this underlines the importance of getting the right policy!

Aren't insurance brokers expensive?

Buying direct from an insurer can sometimes be really be an expensive way of getting insurance; after all they are hardly likely to point out that their competitors might have a better or cheaper policy to offer you!

Also; it is a myth that buying through a price comparison site is always the cheapest option. The companies that run these sites normally receive commission from the insurers for every policy they sell; and and they are unlikely to point out better policies from insurers that don't pay them.

For hundreds of years brokers have worked on the same principal; if you buy insurance through a brokerage they will usually be reimbursed by a commission in the same way.

They are also legally obliged to deal with you fairly and act in your best interests at all times. They can advise you on the correct policy to buy, and they often help if you need to make a claim.

It sounds good. How do we proceed?

Just fill in a quick, simple form then wait for the quotes to arrive!